Release: Alpha 02

Well, that took forever. Sorry about the long wait.

-Armour and weapons can be found in the caves.
-Armour and weapons can be worn and wielded.

-None, surprisingly. I haven’t had much time to test it comprehensively though.

This version is now available on the Downloads page.

Note: my webhost thought it would be a good idea to stop me from uploading zip files for some reason. I’ve put it in a 7z file, which you will need an extraction program to open.


I’m still here!

Just letting you know how things are going.

Progress on Alpha 02 has resumed, with all the stair-associated bugs fixed. The controls have changed so that you don’t have to hold shift to use stairs, and of course: the loot is working nicely.

I also have some news regarding the future of the game! All subject to change, this is what I have planned:
-The current combat system will be replaced with something much more interesting, bringing elements of JRPGs into a classic roguelike format. The combat will be turn based, with each combatant selecting an ability (think Final Fantasy).
-Multiplayer! Because of the nature of the game, players will not be in the same dungeon as eachother (imagine the grief that would cause when someone went AFK and everyone else had to wait for their turn) but will be able to interact in an “overworld” town. This will feature a bar where players can meet up to share tales of their adventures, a marketplace for selling rare loot, a noticeboard where all bounties can be viewed (more on that later) and an arena where players can engage in PVP, or bet on matches.
-Bounty system. As mentioned before, there will be a noticeboard in town where players can advertise bounties. Players will pay a small fee (not real-life cash, don’t worry) to ask other players to kill a certain creature – be it rare or common. To claim the reward, the victorious adventurers will bring back the corpse of the creature.

That’s all for now, Alpha 02 should be released soon. I can’t give a more specific date than that because I’m going to be pretty busy this week. It will most likely be sometime next week.


Progress Report

First of all, sorry about the lack of activity. I was out of the country, and then set up a new PC. I still haven’t set up my IDE and JDK on the new PC, so progress is on hold for a few days.
Also, pretty soon I’ll have less time to work on the game. If you don’t see any posts for a while, don’t assume I’m gone. I’ll just be busy. I’ll try to post regular updates as frequently as I can.

Alpha 02 is nearly complete. I’m calling it “the loot update”, because that’s what it adds. Delicious equippable loot.


Release: Alpha 01

Here it is, the first public release of EsQuest. This is the first version in which you can actually complete the game.

-Randomly generated 5-level world.
-2 monster types (bats and fungi).
-A victory condition
-Inventory system
-Collectable rocks (put in to test the inventory, they might be used for something later) .
-Hunger system and edible corpses.

-You cannot go back up stairs.
-Holding shift when attempting to use stairs causes your hunger to decrease.

This version is now available on the Downloads page.


The Site Is Live!

Here it is, our shiny new WordPress-powered hub. You’ll find all the news, downloads and updates here. As of this post, it’s still slightly under construction. The downloads area will be coming soon, along with the Alpha 01 release of EsQuest. More information on this release will be available when it’s released.